Happy Goblin Day!

Today marks the official release of Goblin Tales, an electronic collection of five goblin-related short stories, available for $2.99 for Kindle and Nook.

Purchase links: Amazon, Amazon.uk, B&N
Coming soon: Kobo, iBooks, Lulu (print edition)

So why should you rush out RIGHT THIS INSTANT to plunk down your hard-earned lunch money for this book? Here are ten reasons in no particular order.

1. Goblins are stereotyped as one-dimensional villains, low-level obstacles to be slaughtered by so-called heroes on their way to the “real” quest. By buying this book, you help fight harmful anti-goblin rhetoric.

2. In keeping with traditional goblin humor, one of the stories features what can best be described as a “tactical diaper.”

3. Gay Fire Spider Fights to Save Science Fiction Convention! Yes, this is an actual story in the collection.

4. If this one sells well, I’ll be much more likely to do other e-releases.

5. Daniel Ernle’s wonderful cover art.

6. The fifth story was the seed for my current project, Libriomancer, meaning you get a taste of what’s to come in another year or two.

7. Pat Rothfuss has talked about buying the rights to Firefly and putting it back on the air. Well, if I make enough money off of Goblin Tales, I’ll buy the rights to The Muppet Show and bring that back!

8. If both Pat and I succeed? Muppet/Firefly Crossover, baby!

9. Lots of nice people have said lots of nice things about my goblin stuff.

10. The book is DRM-free, and I turned off regional and lending restrictions when I posted it for sale.

If any goblin fans would care to spread the word, I’d be much obliged. Cover art is available in small and large.

I’ll be posting announcements and maybe a contest or two on Twitter and Facebook as well, and will probably be talking more about the book, the process, and the numbers later this week.