Ask a Goblin

Quick note: Apparently there’s another LiveJournal exodus going on. This makes me a little sad, because while I do mirror this blog, the best discussions tend to be on LJ.  But for those going elsewhere, I’m also on Dreamwidth as jimhines, and there’s also my blog and RSS feed.


Taking an idea from Mrissa, welcome to “Ask a Goblin.”  Post a question in the comments, and Jig & company will do their best to answer.

I’ll try to respond to as many as I can.  (I don’t promise the answers will be accurate or useful, but hopefully they’ll be fun.)

Ask now!  The goblins are standing by…


Disclaimer: All answers are the opinions of the goblins, and may not reflect the attitudes of Jim C. Hines or any civilized human being.  Please do your own research before following any advice given by goblins.  Answers are provided without guarantees or warranties of any kind.  Goblins have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  Reading tiny disclaimers may cause eyestrain.  Goblins reserve the right to eat anyone who asks stupid questions.  Goblins are for external use only. Answers should be hand-washed with like colors.  Do not feed goblins after midnight. Do not mix goblins with platypuses.  Platypii.  Platypeople?  You know what I mean.  Please dispose of this blog post in the proper recepticle.  Upon further research, knowing is only 36.4% of the battle.