Book Review Policy

A few things have happened over the past week that made me I need to figure out my book review policy, for my own sake if nothing else.  So I came up with Jim’s Rules of Reviewing.

  1. If I’ve asked for a review copy, I’ll do my best to review the book.  I figure if I’m the one asking for a free book, then I’ve made a commitment to review it.
  2. If you want to ask me to review your book, please contact me for details on sending a review copy.  Review copies tend to get bumped toward the top of my reading pile.  I review most of these books, but not all of them.
  3. If I buy a book for my own pleasure reading and enjoy it, I’ll probably post a review.  A decent chunk of these will be books from friends and acquaintances online because, well, I try to read my friends’ books.
  4. No promises, no guarantees, and no refunds.  I owe my readers honesty, which means even if you’re a friend, I can’t promise you a glowing five-star review.  If I’m busy cramming for a deadline, my own book is going to take priority.  C’est la vie.

So, did I miss anything important?

And as long as we’re talking books, here are two new releases to check out.

Seanan McGuire’s second October Daye novel A Local Habitation [Mysterious Galaxy | B&N | Amazon] is out today.   I actually provided a blurb for the first one, Rosemary and Rue:

“McGuire knows her fairy lore, bringing the wonder and the danger of the fair folk to the streets of San Francisco so vividly you can smell the rose goblins. Action, intrigue, and a dash of romance make Rosemary and Rue a fun, engaging read. An impressive first novel that leaves you impatient for the second.”

I haven’t read A Local Habitation yet, but I’ll be bugging DAW for a copy soon.  Sample chapter is available here.

Also out today is DAW’s monthly anthology.  This time it’s Timeshares [Mysterious Galaxy | B&N | Amazon], edited by Jean Rabe.  From the description:

“Take a vacation through time with the help of a Time Travel Agency offering excursions into the past and future. Readers will find themselves in exotic, adventurous locales-and in all manner of trouble and mysteries. And figures from the past will be able to squeak by the other way.”

Enter to win a free copy of this one over at SciFiChick’s blog.  Do it now!