Transgender Michigan Fundraiser Results

Transgender Michigan was founded in 1997, and continues to run one of the only transgender helplines in the country, available 24/7 at 855-345-8464.

We know transgender youth are at a higher risk of depression and suicide, and these coming months and years could be very difficult. So I’m proud and grateful to announce that with the help of some SF/F friends and the generosity of everyone who bid and donated, we raised a total of $1,655.55 to help Transgender Michigan continue their important work.

I wanted to pass along this thank you from Susan Crocker of Transgender Michigan:

Transgender Michigan would like to thank everyone involved with the fundraiser auctions run by Jim C. Hines. All of you are helping us provide services to the transgender communities of Michigan and beyond. This will help our help line, chapters, referral system, community building, and advocacy.

I also want to thank DAW Books for donating so many books for the raffle, and all of the authors who generously offered autographed books, critiques, Tuckerizations, and other rewards:

And a special thanks to Mike Glyer at File 770 for covering the individual auctions, as well as everyone who linked and signal-boosted.

I know 2016 has been a rough year for many of us. It means a lot to see people coming together like this to support a good cause. Thank you all for helping to make the world a little better.