Fundraising for Eugie Foster

In yesterday’s blog post, I commented that several people I knew had recently been diagnosed with cancer, or had loved once who had been diagnosed. One of the people I was talking about is author Eugie Foster.

I’m gonna do a little boasting here and say I was the editor who published Eugie in her first DAW anthology, back when I was editing Heroes in Training. Because her story was awesome, that’s why!

Like so many of us, Eugie’s finances have been rather tight. She has a fundraising post here. You can buy her short story collections or individual stories. She also – after being prodded to do so – posted an email address where you can donate directly via PayPal. Which gave me an idea…

If you PayPal a donation to and let me know, either in the comments here or by emailing me directly (jchines -at-, I’ll enter you in a drawing to win your choice of either Heroes in Training (with Eugie’s story Honor is a Game Mortals Play”), or Unidentified Funny Objects 2 (with my story “Stranger vs. the Malevolent Malignancy).

I’ll pick a winner at random next week. This is open to anyone and everyone. And thank you.