People Being Awesome in the Aftermath of the Boston Bombing

After yesterday’s post, I wanted to follow up with some examples of kindness, courage, generosity, and overall awesomeness from the past week or so.

The Red Cross of Eastern MA sent out a Tweet saying they didn’t need blood at this time, because so many people had rushed to donate after the bombing. (For readers not located in Eastern MA, your local Red Cross would probably still appreciate donations, though!)

From El Pelon Taqueria, a restaurant in Boston: “This week @Boston_Police @BostonFire and all Public Saftey–put away your wallets.” They’re one of many stores and restaurants to show this kind of generosity.

The sheer number of people, both first responders and civilians, who reportedly ran toward the chaos and explosion in order to help the victims.

The Chicago Tribune sent pizzas to the staff of the Boston Globe, along with a note saying, “We can’t buy you lost sleep, so at least let us pick up lunch.”

Several of you pointed to this photo of a Boston police officer delivering milk to a family with young children during the lockdown.

Google put together a tool to help people find their friends and loved ones after the explosions. I’ve grumbled about some of Google’s actions in the past, but this was a perfect example of using their skills, resources, and connections to do good.

Honey Nichols spent Wednesday handing out candy to residents of Boston. (Thanks Peter K. for this one.)

Check out this amazing list of Boston-area residents who offered space to sleep, transportation, food, and more.

This exchange between people in Syria and Boston.


Please feel free to add more examples in the comments. If links get caught in the spam filter, don’t worry, I’ll be checking and unspamming those throughout the day.