61 Hours Left, and Another Cover Pose

Over the past month, we’ve raised $11,271.11 for the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation.

I had hoped to have more cover poses done by now, but I’ve been fighting a cold this week, and it’s hard enough to hold these positions when you’re not coughing and hacking. So all I’ve got today is the cover for Gini Koch’s Alien Diplomacy.

I just finished Koch’s first book in the series, Touched by an Alien. (Review coming soon.) The heroine, Katherine “Kitty” Katt does more than her share of kicking evil alien butt, and that comes across in the cover art for the new book as well. But the heels…the positioning of her legs…the low-cut dress… Let’s just say the alien on the left side is getting quite the show.

I didn’t match the angle of her ankle quite right, and wearing shorts removed some of the voyeuristic feel.

Check it out, if you’re so inclined. And if you’re looking for any last-minute, tax-deductible charitable donations before the year ends, the fundraiser runs right up until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.

Thank you.