Ann Crispin Update

From Ann Crispin’s Facebook page yesterday:

[T]he StarBridge books available for sale as e-books on Amazon, B&N, and have now been transferred back to me and my collaborators … Ridan cooperated on sending us the files, and we have confirmed that royalty payments have been paid. Ridan has NOT removed the books from its website yet; do not purchase my books there or on iTunes, where, for technical reasons, there is difficulty transferring the titles.

When I clicked on one of Crispin’s titles on the Ridan site, I get the following message:

This title has been transferred to A.C. Crispin…

So it looks like Ridan is working on that as well.

What this means is that you can now purchase the Starbridge books on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo, and all proceeds will go directly to Ann and her collaborators.

Ridan is also working to convert the 6th and 7th Starbridge books to e-books, and will be turning those over to Ann as well, so those should hopefully be available soon. (The 6th popped up on Amazon as I was putting this blog post together — yay!)

While I’m still angry over the problems Crispin has had to deal with over the past year, I’m very pleased to see them being resolved.

I first discovered the  Starbridge series years ago. Starbridge was a story of first contact, one which captured the wonder and danger and excitement of discovering alien life. (I still remember loving “Doctor Blanket.”) The books were YA-friendly, and while there was plenty of conflict, the overall feeling was one of hope and optimism.

I would encourage those of you who haven’t already done so to check them out.

I know there are questions about Ridan’s other authors, as well as some mixed feelings about my own tactics in addressing this problem, and I plan to talk more about that later. But for now, I wanted to share the good news and link to Ann’s books for those of you who said you were eager to get your copies.

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