Kitemaster Day

Today marks the official release of Kitemaster and Other Stories, which collects six of my lighter fantasy stories, including my muppet werewolf tale, my Writers of the Future story, and more.

The first review popped up last week over at Flames Rising, where Alana Abbott describes it as, “a strong collection with several excellent pieces … This is a great entry point into Hines’s work for people who haven’t read his other series; fans of his earlier books won’t be disappointed.” Chris Gerrib over at POD People calls it “highly recommended.”

The collection includes the following stories:

Untrained Melody
Blade of the Bunny
Over the Hill
Spell of the Sparrow
The Creature in Your Neighborhood

As a special bonus, I’ve also included the first chapter of Libriomancer, for those who want a preview of what I’m working on.

The book is available for $3.99 at the following sites:

Amazon | |
Barnes & Noble
iBooks (Coming Soon)
Kobo (Coming Soon)

I’ll also be putting up a link for direct sales, probably using PayPal. I’d prefer readers to purchase through the online bookstores when possible, but I also recognize that regional restrictions mean not everyone can do so. I’ll probably have a follow-up post in about a week with the rest of the links. (You can also check the Bookstore page on my site, which I’m still working on.)

I’m not doing a print release of this one right now. I know not everyone reads electronically, but the last time it was simply too much time and work for relatively little in the way of sales/results. I may do a print edition eventually, but it’s not at the top of my To Do list.

As with Goblin Tales [Amazon | B&N | Lulu], I will be posting the occasional update to share how sales are going. I’m curious to see whether this release has any impact on sales of Goblin Tales.

My thanks to everyone who’s shared their excitement about this collection. I hope you enjoy it!