ConFusion Highlights

-Being invited to be Toastmaster for ConFusion 2012.  (And quizzing a few friends to find out what the heck the Toastmaster actually does.)  Among other things, I get to introduce author GoH Pat Rothfuss and Fan GoH Tom Smith at opening ceremonies.  I’ve been going to ConFusion for years, so the invitation … well, it means a lot, and I was both honored and delighted to accept.

-Having my brains eaten by balloon Cthulhu, courtesy of Elder Signs Press.

-Winning $1 from SFWA president John Scalzi by triumphing in the medium-range pen-tossing duel during the mass autograph session.

-I did a lot of panels this weekend, and had a blast.  I enjoyed my power trip as moderator, but the most entertaining panel by far was the political correctness panel on Saturday night.  Not what I would have predicted, but I laughed more in that hour than I did in any other panel, and I think we had a pretty damn good discussion, too.

-Reading the first chapter of Snow Queen.  To everyone who attended the reading … I’m sorry.  I had honestly forgotten how rude a cliffhanger that chapter ends on.  I hope you enjoyed it, though!

-The people were awesome, as always.  Got to spend time with old friends, get to know other people better, and meet some new folks.  This is the very definition of conventionwin.

-Coming home to find the on-signing advance for Libriomancer and Enforcer waiting in my mailbox, along with German copies of Mermaid’s Madness.  A nice way to wrap up the weekend!