Lego Transformers (aka, Jim has a Geekgasm)

The not-a-raffle has raised more than $900 for rape crisis centers so far!  I’ll be picking a winner on 4/16, which means there’s still time for us to push that amount past the $1000 mark.


There was more I intended to blog about today, but none of that matters anymore, because I have seen this:

A Flickr user named Orion Pax built Optimus Prime out of Lego.  A transforming Optimus Prime.  Click the pic or this link for the full set of Pax’s Lego Transformers.

Oh yes, I said Transformers plural, including Grimlock, Soundwave, Starscream … I think I’m in love.

My over-the-top squeeing aside, check out the details on this thing.  I didn’t even believe it was all Lego at first.  Prime’s fingers?  Blue legs from minifigs.  Windshield wipers are a pair of Lego harpoon guns.  The gun, the matrix, Roller … I just … wow.

I now know what I want for my birthday next week.