I had a request to use one of my images as a desktop wallpaper, which was flattering. So I resized a few of my favorite pics to standard 3:4 and 9:16 dimensions. Click on any thumbnail to download the full size.

These are all free for personal use.

Autumn Mushroom - 4x3 Autumn Mushroom - HD

Sparrow Wallpaper - 4:3 Sparrow Wallpaper HD

Magnolia Wallpaper - 4:3 Magnolia Wallpaper - HD

Tahquamenon Wallpaper - 4:3 Tahquamenon Wallpaper - HD

Squirrel Wallpaper - 4-3 Squirrel Wallpaper - HD

Moon Wallpaper - 4-3 Moon Wallpaper - HD

Macaw - 4-3 Macaw - HD


Jim C. Hines