Jon Del Arroz’s History of Trolling and Harassing

A few years back, author Jon Del Arroz had his attending membership to WorldCon revoked. This generated a lot of discussion. WorldCon stated that JDA was banned:

“…because he has made it clear that he fully intends to break our code of conduct. We take that seriously. Worldcon 76 strives to be an inclusive place in fandom, as difficult as that can be, and racist and bullying behavior is not acceptable at our Worldcon. This expulsion is one step towards eliminating such behavior and was not taken lightly.”

A Facebook thread suggests they also received complaints from victims of Del Arroz’s harassment.

Del Arroz, unsurprisingly, disagreed:

“…this is a clear targeting over my politics because I’m a vocal Christian and Hispanic Trump supporter.”

This seemed odd, given that nobody else had been banned for being vocal Christian or Trump supporters. One of WorldCon’s guests of honor was Hispanic, so I’m not sure where or how race was a factor here.

As for being targeted because of his politics? Right-wing author Larry Correia summed up JDA’s routine thusly:

“I haven’t talked about you for years until your dumb ass showed up on my page trying to milk a controversy to make it all about you… You’re just a narcissistic grifter. You’re not on my team. You’re on a team that consists of you and your bizarrely over inflated ego. Everybody is wise to your schtick except a handful of mopes who buy into your exaggerated fake Christian, alpha male, try hard act. They don’t realize that behind the scenes you wanted so hard to write for us that you were an annoying, cloying, suck up, and you got rejected, not for politics, but because you’re just not that good, and you’ve had a chip on your shoulder ever since.”

Del Arroz once told me on Facebook that he doesn’t “escalate feuds.” He claims he’s just the victim of blackballing, harassment, threats, and so on. I’m not saying nobody has ever given Del Arroz shit online. He alleges that people once “doxxed” his children and sent a glitterbomb to his house. I have no problem condemning both incidents, whoever was responsible.

Of course, the alleged doxxing was actually an individual referencing a fact about Del Arroz’s child that Del Arroz himself had shared on Periscope and in earlier tweets. (I’ve blacked out that fact in the screenshot, and would appreciate it not being brought up in the comments.) Del Arroz also shared this information in a public interview.

Rather than debate any particular incident, I want to focus on the long, well-documented patterns of JDA’s harassment and trolling. This is a sampling, not a comprehensive history. The goal is not to trash Del Arroz, but to document his behavior.