Jig the Goblin

If you think it’s hard being a hobgoblin or a human, try living a goblin’s life for a while.  In fact, try imagining what it’s like to be the runtiest goblin in the caves, the lone worshiper of a god who’s been forgotten for thousands of years, and the target everyone points to at the first hint of trouble.

Try picturing yourself as Jig the goblin, and see how you like it. . . .

Goblin Quest

Made to stand tunnel watch by the goblin bullies who’d been assigned the job, it was just Jig’s luck to be taken captive by a group of adventurers–with the usual complement of a dwarf warrior, a prince out to prove himself, his mad wizard brother, and an elfin thief.  Forced to guide this ill-fated party on their search for the Rod of Creation–though Jig had no more idea how to find it than they did–he soon had them stumbling into every peril anyone had ever faced in the fantasy realms.  And they hadn’t even found the Necromancer or the Dragon yet!

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Goblin Hero

All Jig wants to do is worship his forgotten god, hang out with his pet fire-spider, and heal humiliating goblin injuries.

But Kralk, the goblin chief, sees Jig as a threat to her power.  So when an ogre comes seeking Jig Dragonslayer’s help against an unknown enemy, Kralk insists he accept the challenge.  With a large, exceptionally dumb goblin and an ancient, crotchety goblin who can barely walk as his unwanted sidekicks–and pursued by a goblin who’s certain that she’s meant to be the true goblin hero–Jig sets out for ogre territory.

After all, being killed by a magical enemy who can terrify an ogre is probably no worse than being killed by your “friends. . . .”

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Goblin War
Locus Bestseller!

Despite impossible odds, Jig was still alive.  He’d survived an adventurers’ quest against a dragon and a necromancer, a pixie invasion that had ogres and trolls dropping like flies, and most frightening of all, the threat of being made chief of the goblins.  He wasn’t sure how much more he could stand.
Naturally, he was about to find out.

War was brewing in the world outside the mountain, and when the goblins’ lair was invaded by human warriors, Jig knew it was only the start of another really bad day. . . .

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