SF/F Humor Roundup: 2009

Through a highly scientific poll*, I determined that readers of science fiction and fantasy would appreciate a roundup of humorous stories published in the current year.

I see two purposes for this list.  The first is for award nominations.  Humor tends not to be taken seriously**, and rarely makes the award ballots.  It’s a shame, because humor can be as powerful, popular, and flat-out good as any other story.  So if you are either a SFWA member who would like to read a story for Nebula consideration, or a Worldcon member reading for the Hugos, the list below tells how you can get a copy of this year’s speculative humor.

More importantly, this provides a reading list for those of us who just enjoy reading funny stories.

To recommend a humorous work of SF/F which was published in 2009, please contact me with the following information, along with any comments or other info you want to include:

Title of Work | Author | Type of work (short story, novel, etc.)

If you don’t know the word count, guessing is fine. If the work is available online, please include a link.  If you are the author and would be willing to provide a copy of your work for award consideration, please include information on how you can be reached.

Readers and authors are both welcome to make recommendations.  I’m iffy on editors doing the same, because I don’t want to get flooded with editors sending me the entire ToC of their latest ‘zine/anthology.

For 2009, I’m only listing paid publications. Who knows how this will work for 2010. Right now, I just want to get the idea rolling and see how it goes.

*I blogged about it.
**Go figure, eh?

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