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Goblin War:

“Hines sidesteps the main question facing elvers—WWTD, or What would Tolkien do?—with a wink and his usual snort. His goofy elves, orcs, trolls, dwarves, humans and even an evil tree conjure laughter, not screams … Readers will need familiarity with earlier books in the series, but Hines’s funny bone is sharp and YA-friendly.”

-Publishers Weekly

“Part farce, part parody, Hines’ rip-roaring narrative has us cheering the highly sympathetic Jig on to victory.”

-Sally Estes, Booklist

“Hines is not only inventive and funny, his people and his world are convincing. That’s amazing, when you stop to think about it. He makes you believe in, and care about, these muck-flinging, garbage-devouring, cowardly, yowling blue goblins. That’s magic of the most powerful kind.”

Sherwood Smith
The SF Site

“The humor is the most wonderful aspect of this unique series, and this latest had me laughing out loud. . . . Each of these books has been better than the last. This series is a must-read and one of my all-time favorites!”

“Hines takes all of the usual epic fantasy tropes, and pretty much folds, spindles and mutilates them, going against expectations and convention with style and panache . . . I loved Goblin War. It’s a breath of fresh air in the fantasy field, a wonderful change of pace from the usual bloated epics and never-ending series, a story that remembers to laugh without giving up its dignity (inasmuch as goblins can have dignity. . . .) Whether or not Hines writes anything more in Jig’s saga, or at least in his world, I’ll be following his work with great interest.”

-Michael M. Jones
Green Man Review

“I couldn’t begin to list all the passages which made me laugh so hard I had to put the book down and catch my breath. . . . But while the trademark of Hines’ entire series is his offbeat humor, he also showcases his true strength as a writer by never letting his readers stop caring for Jig. As a result, Goblin War is a top-notch finish to Hines’ trilogy and highly recommended for all fantasy readers”

Monsters and Critics

“This entire series is a strange literary chimera. It’s straightforward fantasy, satirical fantasy, comedy, drama, and all at the same time. Jig’s no hero, but acts like one anyway. The supporting cast crashes around the underbrush, doing what ever they think it will take to accomplish Jig’s goals, secure in the belief that Jig can do no wrong. Jig, in turn, spends most of his time, trying to keep the supporting cast from getting themselves killed doing stupid things, thus reinforcing their beliefs. The mixture of heroism and buffoonery combine to put the Goblin series into a fantasy class of its own.”

SF Revu

“Hines presents hysterically funny, witty and surprisingly intuitive writing in this glimpse into the life of a most unusual goblin. Jig is so refreshingly unique that he outshines the other characters, but only barely, since the whole cast is disarmingly and charmingly wonderful. This is a definite must read.”

Romantic Times

Goblin War is Hines’ best novel so far. . . . [O]nce I have my own children, I may use Hines’ novels to teach them about the nature of heroism, because of the way he shows its natural progression throughout the book, while still being extremely entertaining.”

-John Ottinger
Grasping for the Wind

“And the ending . . . how does an author manage to make you feel nostalgic before you’ve even finished the last page? With a goblin, I’m not sure you can have a perfectly happy ending, but with Hines, you can definitely have a perfect ending. Like the other books in the series, this is a good read for young adults and adults, and I highly recommend it when you want to sit back and not take life too seriously.”

BCS Review

“I loved every page of this novel, and Hines has definitely ensured that I will be picking up anything with his name on it. . . . From the cute cover to wonderful prose inside, this is a winning package.”

Curled Up With a Good Book

Goblin Hero:

“In Goblin Hero, as in Goblin Quest, Hines recognizes that wisdom is most often common-sense and that mouthing off to the big guy with the sword is a very bad idea.”

-Tanya Huff
Author of Smoke and Ashes

“I enjoyed Goblin Hero even more than its predecessor. With even more laughs and excitement, Jig becomes the reluctant hero once again. Every character is unique with wonderful quirks … I can’t recommend this series enough.”

“The problem with surviving your first book — your first great adventure — is that someone thinks you’re now a Hero, and can be sent on a second adventure, even greater and funnier than the first. Jim C. Hines gives us another side-splitting, inspiring tale of Jig the runt, Jig the most unpopular goblin in the lair. . . . I loved this book. It has the Path of the Hero, lots of goblins who never live happily ever after, and much wry fun. Highly recommended!”

Ed Greenwood
Author of Elminster: the Making of a Mage

“Hines makes us like the characters, so their stakes feel real. They matter to us. The stakes get spidier as the doughty adventurers discover what’s behind all the mysterious killings, and the tension ratchets up. That’s not easily done in funny fantasy. Hines manages it with skill and panache. Without forgetting his nose pick.”

Sherwood Smith
The SF Site

“Once again, Jim C. Hines turns the fantasy world on its ear with this insightfully hilarious look at the traditional cannon fodder of the genre … Hines walks a fine line between self-aware fantasy and comedy, and succeeds in presenting an honestly enjoyable story, mixing adventure and humor. If nothing else, Goblin Hero succeeds in giving us a new kind of protagonist, whose allies are as much a hazard to him as his enemies are. This is a fantasy for those weary of epic quests and seven-book-long sagas.”

-Michael M. Jones
Green Man Review

“I do recommend that you read Jim C. Hines’ work. He is funny, his characters are ones you’ll easily identify with, and his story has all the elements that make a dungeon crawl fun. The Goblin Series is a fun interweaving of a Dungeon and Dragons setting, Mark Twain’s wit, and Steve Martin’s slapstick all from one gifted author, Jim C. Hines.”

-John Ottinger
Grasping for the Wind

“[Goblin Hero] is truly funny… It’s a straightforward adventure story that has some point to make about the human condition and what it takes to be a hero. This book is enjoyable from beginning to end. Goblin Hero is just the perfect tonic for those who have had too much of overly serious fantasy.”

Curled Up With a Good Book

“…a pleasant and easy read. Jig is, as usual, an entertaining protagonist, and his atypical tactics in the face of foes much stronger than he is are amusing and effective.”

Romantic Times

“One can only imagine what Joseph Campbell would have said about this most reluctant Hero attempting to survive using equal portions of cowardice and brains. Much in the spirit of Piers Anthony’s Ogre, Ogre, this amusing fantasy includes plenty of humorous nods to the genre’s standard fare of questing warriors, scary monsters and evil villains for an engaging, lighthearted romp through the goblin underworld.”

Monsters & Critics

Goblin Quest:

“Jim Hines’ Goblin Quest is a rollicking ride, enjoyable from beginning to end. Jig is a fresh, engaging hero, for a goblin, and takes readers through a whirlwind of magic and adventure that never once fails to entertain and amaze. Hines has just become one of my must-read authors!”

Julie E. Czerneda
Author of the Species Imperative Trilogy

“Most fantasy gamers read fantasy novels. Most fantasy gamers like to slay goblins for fun and profit. After Goblin Quest, most fantasy gamers are going to have a very hard time doing that. Jim C. Hines has given us a wonderful adventure from the goblin’s point of view, and it’s fantastic! I haven’t had this much fun reading a book in ages. I can’t wait to buy a copy for my stepson, who keeps asking me what I’m laughing so hard about.”

Wil Wheaton
Actor & Author of Just a Geek

“…a wonderful story that’ll make anybody who’s ever gamed laugh out loud, and even if you haven’t, is still so well-drawn and considered that there’s almost no way it can fail to charm.”

C. E. Murphy
Author of Heart of Stone

“Jim C. Hines takes us up close and personal with goblins and dungeon adventurers, in a light-hearted but VERY insightful quest tale. Goblin Quest is a hilarious ‘good read.’ One of the funniest dungeon-delving epics ever!”

Ed Greenwood
Author of Elminster: the Making of a Mage

“…a cleverly written adventure fantasy with a not-so-ordinary goblin hero … I thoroughly enjoyed this fun and exciting fantasy debut and will definitely be following future episodes.”

Goblin Quest is a fun, enjoyable read. Role reversal and jibes at the genre make Jig not only a sympathetic character, but seemingly the only sane one there for the reader to identify with. Of course, if you read this book and drive your spouse into fits of annoyance listening to you snort and giggle at the absurdity the author continually throws at poor Jig, don’t blame me. I merely said it was a great book.”

-Paul Haggerty
SF Revu

“This clever satire is based on fantasy role-playing — something veteran gamers will get a huge kick out of. Reminiscent of Terry Pratchett and Robert Asprin at their best, this is an over-the-top tale that still manages to be genuinely touching, particularly the friendship between Jig the goblin and Riana the elf.”

Romantic Times

“Goblin Quest is a fun way to pass a few hours — its engaging parody of epic fantasy takes a sly wink at heroes, monsters, and the dynamics of adventuring. It’s guaranteed to keep roleplayers and fantasy buffs grinning and, who knows, it may just redefine the role of goblins in fantasy everywhere.”

-Dru Pagliassotti
The Harrow

“Need a book that will make you smile, then grin, then laugh out loud? If your tickle spot’s the same as mine, Goblin Quest is the book you’re looking for. I love an unlikely hero and Jig the goblin is my kind of unlikely love! New kid Jim C. Hines is already an expert at the unlikely but lovable…who could beat Jig’s pet/sidekick/companion animal Smudge, the fire-spider? Bonus 1: How to manage when your companion animal sets your hair on fire. Bonus 2: How to choose the right god to pray to. Bonus 3: Why you should never challenge a goblin to a duel. –I’m still laughing.”

Janet Kagan
Hugo-winning Author of Hellspark & Uhura’s Song

“The book is funny, poignant, sometimes riffing off quest tales, other times plunging the reader into straightforward adventure. I loved Jig and his questions and discoveries, I loved the complexity of the others–including Straum, the dragon. Though this was a quest tale, Hines kept me guessing right until the very last page.”

Sherwood Smith
Author of Inda & Crown Duel

“Goblin Quest is definitely not your traditional fantasy. It’s a skewed, hilarious twist on epic quest fantasy, turning things upside down and showing them from the viewpoint of the cannon fodder. All of the usual troops are here: warriors, wizards, dragons, dungeons, quests, goblins, and so on, but nothing is exactly as you’d expect. Sick of those formulaic epic fantasies? Goblin Quest is the exact opposite of them. It reminds me heavily of Eve Forward’s Villains by Necessity, which likewise showed a fantasy quest from an unusual viewpoint. I had a great deal of fun following Jig as he took control of his own destiny, and I look forward to future installments in his story. Goblin Quest is a very welcome breath of fresh air, and a great addition to the comic fantasy genre.”

-Michael M. Jones
Green Man Review

Goblin Quest is a hilarious piece of work! It’s confident, irreverent and laugh-out-loud funny: one of the easiest fantasy reads I’ve come across in a long time. Jim Hines has a unique voice…when you can hear it between the bouts of laughter, that is.”

-John Kovalic
Creator/Author of Dork Tower

“If you’ve always kinda rooted for the little guy, even maybe had a bit of a place in your heart for the likes of Gollum, rather than the Boromirs and Gandalfs of the world, pick up Goblin Quest — just make sure you keep well away from Golaka’s stewpot.”

-Dr. Georges T. Dodds
The SF Site

“This book is fun for all ages. When I read portions aloud to my kids (who range from 5 – 12) they didn’t want me to stop. Goblin Quest is a stunning first book that reads more like a fourth or fifth book.”


“[Goblin Quest] will appeal to both adults and young adults. Teens will very much enjoy Jig’s quest and his attempt to define himself in a world that doesn’t necessarily value his skills. Adults will enjoy the humor and the upending of various aspects of the fantasy/quest genre. Prepare to be entertained throughout and completely satisfied with Jig’s journey by the time you reach the end.”

-Lori Lake
Midwest Book Review

“…enough humor here to make this a fun adventure with a nice sprinkle of originality that makes you want to continue to read to the end. All in all I found this another good example of a humorous bubblegum fantasy novel with some good original ideas.”

BCS Review

Goblin Quest is a clever inversion of the epic fantasy adventure tale. Brightly written and very entertaining.”

James Lowder
Author of Prince of Lies & Knight of the Black Rose