Documented Instances of Harassment, and a Request to Trump Supporters

A lot of people have been talking about harassment and violence since the election, often done in Trump’s name. Others claim the stories are all made up, that it’s deliberate fearmongering.

I get that a lot of people who supported Trump don’t want to be associated with racism and hatred, and sometimes it’s hard to know what stories to trust, especially on the internet. So I’m pulling together some examples where there’s documentation of what actually happened — actual news articles, photographs, video, etc. These things are happening in the U.S. right now.

Obviously, I denounce this behavior. It’s hateful, violent, and un-American. But the fact is, most of the people perpetuating or encouraging this stuff aren’t going to listen to me. I’ve been dismissed again and again as one of those gullible, libtard, SJW idiots. I’ll keep doing what I can to raise awareness and push back, but what would help more is for those of you who did vote for Trump to do the same.

Don’t pretend these incidents aren’t real. Don’t turn your back on people who are being harassed and attacked and threatened because they don’t look white, or because they’re not male, or because they’re disabled, or because they’re gay, and so on.

I keep hearing how angry Trump supporters are at being called racist and bigoted and hateful. Prove it. Speak up.


  1. Racist graffiti at Maple Grove High. A bathroom at Maple Grove High school was vandalized with racist messages including “#whites­only,” “Trump Train” and “#gobacktoafrica.” (Photograph)
  2. Whites Only graffiti posted at Illinois High School bathroom. Article includes video with photos.
  3. Message of Unity Vandalized with “Trump 2016”. Theresa Govert, of East Haddam, Connecticut, painted a sign saying, “Dear Muslims, immigrants, women, disabled, LGBTQ and all people of color, we love you boldly and proudly. We will endure.” It was vandalized within the day. (Photograph)
  4. Black Penn students added to “Nigger Lynching” and other hateful groups.
  5. “Sieg Heil,” swastikas, racist Trump graffiti appear in South Philly.
  6. Pride flags on people’s homes set on fire the day after the election in Rochester, NY.
  7. Students yelling ‘cotton picker,’ heiling Hitler at this local school. Confirmed by this letter from the principal.
  8. Y’all black people better start picking your slave numbers. KKK 4 Life. Go Trump. Photo of graffiti from a high school bathroom in central Florida.
  9. Two Oregon high school students suspended for harassing Hispanic students. A group of 30 to 40 students gathered in the parking lot with Trump signs and American flags, the newspaper reported. “Pack your bags, you’re leaving tomorrow” and “Tell your family good-bye” were shouted at Hispanic students, according to witnesses.
  10. Vandal wrote ‘Trump!’ on door to prayer room used by New York University’s Muslim student organization.
  11. Video of a self-described Trump supporter’s racist rant against another driver.
  12. Florida truck decorated with “Kill all Muslims” and “All Muslims are child-molesters.”
  13. Campus police investigate robbery as hate crime. “‘Comments made to the student indicate she was targeted because of her Muslim faith, including her wearing of a traditional garment and hijab,’ a statement from SDSU President Elliot Hirshman, Vice President of Student Affairs Eric Rivera and Interim Chief of Police Josh Mays said.”
  14. Texas State University police investigating fliers calling for “tar & feather vigilante squads”. “Now that our man TRUMP is elected and republicans own both the senate and the house — time to organize tar & feather VIGILANTE SQUADS and go arrest & torture those deviant university leaders spouting off all this Diversity Garbage,” the flier reads.
  15. San Jose State Police issue alert after student attacked, choked with her head scarf.
  16. Wellsville softball field dugout marked with swastika, graffiti. “Make America White Again”

There are so, so many more reports out there of people being harassed and attacked. I could spend all weekend adding to this list of documented incidents. Shaun King has been collecting reports over on Twitter. He has reports of people being threatened, insulted, physically and sexually assaulted, and more.

The typical defensive reactions I’ve seen fall into one of three categories:

  1. It’s all made up. It’s not really happening. It’s just liberal fearmongering.
  2. It’s all being done by liberals to make Trump supporters look bad.
  3. Well, what about these other things that Hillary supporters did?

Starting with the first point, we’ve all learned you can’t trust everything you read on the internet. We know that one report of an attack against a Muslim girl by Trump supporters turned out to be fabricated. So sure, we can’t say 100% of what’s being shared and reported is true. But it’s equally absurd to claim 100% are false. It didn’t take me that long to find support and evidence for the stories I linked to above. Not everything is true? Okay, fine. But a lot of it is, and that should be horrifying to all of us.

To the second point, that these are all done by liberals or Hillary supporters or whatever? Do you have any evidence whatsoever for that, or are you just using it as an excuse to ignore what’s happening? Even if this is true — and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that it is — this harassment and violence is still being done in Trump’s name, which means we really need to see Trump and his supporters speak out loudly against it.

As to the third point, that Hillary supporters did bad things too? One piece of this claim seems to default to, “All protests against Trump are riots,” which is a very dangerous road to go down. I’ve seen reports of people attacking a man for being a Trump supporter. (Snopes describes this as a mixture of fact and fiction, saying it actually arose out of a traffic altercation.) Look, it’s certainly possible that there are instances of Hillary supporters committing acts of harassment and violence too, and that’s not okay either. But this doesn’t erase the documented harassment and violence happening in Trump’s name.

If someone describes an act of hatred, saying “They did it too!” doesn’t make it all right. It just gives you an excuse to keep ignoring what that person is telling you.


These incidents of racism, sexism, bigotry, harassment, and hatred are happening. They’re real. It’s easy to close your eyes and pretend they’re not happening when you’re not the one being targeted. But those people who are being targeted? They’re Americans. They’re men and women and children. They’re your neighbors. They’re your child’s schoolmates. They’re your coworkers. And they are afraid. They’re afraid because they can’t close their eyes. They’re afraid because they know they could be next.

They’re afraid not just because of the people committing these acts, but because so many more people stand by and say nothing. Because so many of us let this happen.

You want to push back against the idea that Trump supporters are racists and bigots? Then prove it! Speak up against the hate. Not just the blatant stuff, like the KKK’s planned victory march in support of Trump, but the everyday harassment and dehumanization.

Your voice is powerful. So is your silence.

“The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.” -General David Lindsay Morrison