Sister of the Hedge

New Collection: Sister of the Hedge

Years ago, I did a series of LOL Book covers, which some folks found amusing. They were mentioned on Facebook over the weekend, and I figured I’d share the LOL Book archives for anyone who wanted a dose of book cover silliness on their Monday morning.


I had originally intended to launch Sister of the Hedge & Other Stories by the end of April.

I had 90% of the work done. But that final 10% kept getting postponed until this past Friday, when I ended up home sick with my son. He played Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and I went through the final file preparation and cleanup and validation.

I’m happy to say the book is now available on Amazon and B&N. It includes the following stories:


These are some of my darker and more serious stories. “Sister of the Hedge” is the only thing I’ve written to ever make the preliminary Nebula ballot, which was pretty cool. “Heart of Ash” will give you a preview of some of the ideas I’m playing with for the dryad character in Libriomancer. “In the Line of Duty” … well, I’ll let you read the author’s note to find out where that one came from 🙂

I’ll be working to get it posted on other sites as well. I’m thinking about trying Smashwords this time. More updates as they happen.

New Collection: Sister of the Hedge and Other Stories

I spent the weekend working on a new e-book collection titled Sister of the Hedge and Other Stories. Like Kitemaster and Goblin Tales, this one will be $2.99, and will be available on as many platforms as I can get it.

I have a little work left to do, but I’m hoping to post it for sale by the end of April. (To forestall any questions about why it’s not on Amazon yet.)

The stories are:

  • Sister of the Hedge
  • In the Line of Duty
  • Heart of Ash
  • Bloodlines
  • Images of Death
  • Ours to Fight For

“Sister of the Hedge” is one of my first stories about the Sleeping Beauty myth, and while it’s not canonical to the Princess books, readers will recognize a lot of the ideas. “Heart of Ash” is the story of a dryad, one with striking similarities to a character from Libriomancer (though again, this isn’t a canonical prequel).

Overall, these are some of my more serious stories. Each one includes an author’s note at the end. Author notes may or may not be serious.

Jenn Reese at Tiger Bright Studios helped me put the cover together. I’ve made some tweaks based on feedback I received on Facebook, but I’d love to hear what folks here think of it.

Jim C. Hines