Monday Misc.

Working on a deadline to get a submission package polished up and mailed off, so today I’m doing bullet-point blogging.

  • Attention reviewers: if you’re interested in a copy of The Snow Queen’s Shadow [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy], please let me know and I’ll hook you up with my publicist. (U.S. only, I’m afraid. And per Penguin’s guidelines, reviewing for Amazon, Goodreads, and such don’t count.)
  • When the Hero Comes Home is out, and includes my goblins vs. zombies story “The Blue Corpse Corps.” Trade paperback is $19.99, and the e-book is $3.99.
  • The Ann Arbor Book Festival is this weekend. I’ll be there all day, doing the author breakfast, a workshop, chatting about social networking, signing books, and generally being both bookish and festive.

Finally, check out this LEGO Sandcrawler by marshal-banana. Built of more than 10,000 pieces, this thing weighs about 20 kilograms, and includes 22 different lights and nine motors. There’s a YouTube video if you want to see it in action.

Five Weeks Until Snow Queen

The Snow Queen’s Shadow [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy] comes out in exactly five weeks, and I’m delighted that the first review spotted in the wild is a starred review from Publishers Weekly. Be aware that the review does contain a small spoiler.

We’re recovering from a power outage here, so I don’t have much prepared for the blog. So instead, here are a few highlights from losing electricity…

  • Rebuilding the LED blinky from Penguicon using a pair of old watch batteries so that we’d have an LED night light for the hallway.
  • Brushing my son’s teeth to the light of a Mace Windu lightsaber.
  • Charging my phone in my car so I could read a bedtime story.

The only other random news I’ve got is that Kitemaster and Other Stories will also include a sample from Libriomancer, for those who want a sneek peek at my current project.

So … um … have a picture of this Halo Master Chief costume, by Benny Brickster. Not bad, eh? Especially when you consider that, except for the visor, it’s built entirely out of LEGO.  Click the pic for the full photoset.

Friday Links

I’ve got several authors who’ve agreed to write First Book Friday pieces for me, but none of them are ready yet, so today you get random link sausage instead.

Thursday Miscellany

LiveJournal has been hit by repeated DDoS attacks lately, which has been incredibly frustrating. I’m not leaving LJ – I’m not about to give the hackers the satisfaction. That said, for those who might be missing their daily fix of Jim-babble, my blog is hosted on my site, complete with an RSS feed, and is also mirrored at Dreamwidth. But I’m a-staying on LJ, too.


Folks have now donated more than $600 in the Fundraiser for Rape Crisis Centers! Go us! So in addition to an ARC of The Snow Queen’s Shadow, I’ll be picking another winner to receive an autographed copy of Goblin Tales.

Any suggestions for a third prize if we reach $1000 in donations?


From an e-mail exchange with Pat Rothfuss.

Jim: At ConFusion next year, I plan to eat your heart and claim your authorly power for myself. I just thought it polite to give you a heads-up.

Pat: Ha! You fool! I keep my power in my pancreas! Nobody ever eats that…

Jim: Dude, I’m diabetic. Stealing your fully-functional pancreas would be a double-win for me!

So when you come to ConFusion next year where I’m toastmaster and Pat is GoH, if you see me happily dining on pancreas, now you know why.


Finally, from the Department of Unexpectedly Awesome, I present LEGO + McDonalds + Podracing, created by GeekyTom. Only one picture, but worth clicking the pic for a close-up.

OTW Blog & LEGO M.A.S.K.

Goblin Tales [Amazon | B&N | Lulu] picked up reviews at SciFiChick (“This must-read collection…”) and Romantic Times (“…a fabulous introduction to Hines’ writing, his world of goblins, and his world of Libriomancy all in one — who can pass up a 3-fer?”)


A month or so back, I was invited to write a guest blog post for the Organization for Transformative Works. Here’s a sneak peek:

I’ve seen the whole spectrum of opinions, from “Fanfiction is the Devil’s Prose!” to “Fanfiction is so much better than that commercial dreck.” I don’t buy either view. Fanfiction is fanfiction. Some is brilliant. Some is abysmal. Fanfic authors sometimes get criticized for not writing commercially, but that makes as little sense as criticizing a fantasy author for not writing fortune cookies. For most of us, we write what we love, and we do it because we love it.

Full post is here.


Finally, does anyone else remember M.A.S.K., an 80s cartoon and toy line about vehicles and buildings with hidden weapons, concealed mini-vehicles, and also lots of masks? Orion Pax (the same individual who built a transforming Optimus Prime from LEGO) has been working on LEGO M.A.S.K., including a working version of Boulder Hill, the good guys’ HQ.

We had these toys! I remember playing with this set. This blows my mind. Click here or the thumbnails for the full photo set.

Tweeting Goblin and Other Stuff

1. Jig now has his own Twitter account at @JigDragonslayer.  I don’t know how often I’ll be updating, but I figure it should be fun.

2. Borders has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Scalzi writes about it here.  Scrivener’s Error (publishing lawyer) gives his take here.  My agent, who has been following the Borders situation quite closely, weighs in here.

3. I appear to have reached an agreement with an artist for the cover of Goblin Tales.  At this point, barring any random crises, I’m hopeful that the e-book will be finalized and on sale within the next few weeks.

4. Abandoned Victorian house, with tree, in LEGO.  Mike Doyle spent 450 hours putting this together.  Click the pic for photos, or check out Mike’s blog for more on the building of this model.

Thursday Miscellany

This has been a pretty intense week for my little corner of the blogosphere.  I was tempted to find another argument to stir up today, but I think I’ve had about all I can process right now.  People have given me a lot to think about, thank you.  I’ll be doing a follow-up on the whole piracy thing, in part to address aspects of the problem which I hadn’t really considered until they were pointed out to me.

For the moment though, have some random and light tidbits.

1. I’ll be at ConFusion this weekend, and I’ve got a pretty busy schedule.  The program book is here.  I’ll be reading from The Snow Queen’s Shadow [Amazon | B&N | Mysterious Galaxy] on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in the Board Room, for anyone who’s interested.

2. Speaking of Snow Queen, I’ve been playing around and made a few LJ icons.  Please help yourself, if you’re interested.  (Credit mentioning me or the book is always appreciated.)  Snow and Talia both get quotes from the books, but I think the “Mother issues” one is my favorite.

3. I haven’t posted anything LEGO in a while.  Time to remedy that.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an evil empire wanted ice cream.  The All-Terrain Ice Cream Transport was created by Louis K, and it makes me happy.  Click the pic for more, including a close-up of Vader with an ice cream cone.

All that’s left is for a John Williams score to start playing in that ring-a-ding ice cream truck style…

Monday Miscellany

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of The Secret History of Moscow [B&N | Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy] by Ekaterina Sedia.  Of the 37 entries on my various blog mirrors, has chosen temporaryworlds as the winner.  Congrats, and I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing info.


I was going to do a separate post about this, but you know what?  Stupid doesn’t deserve a full post.

Last week, another random anonymous commenter popped up on one of my old rape posts. He followed the typical pattern, explaining how only one in a thousand women are really raped.  I guess the rest are just part of the Great Rape Conspiracy. And then, as so many of these guys do, he added the tired old line: I don’t know anyone who’s been raped.

If you think this proves your point — if you can’t distinguish between “Nobody I know has been raped” and “Nobody I know has chosen to tell me they were raped” — then you need to get off the computer and go back to school.  I recommend remedial logic.  Because if you’re the kind of person who goes around commenting anonymously on strangers’ blogs to explain that rape isn’t a problem, that the True numbers are minuscule, and the rest of those women are just making it up for their own misguided or malicious ends … is it any wonder people don’t choose to talk to you about having been raped?

Don’t be that guy.


Finally, fairy tale in LEGO: scrat_ has done an impressive rendering of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Little Match Girl.  Click the pic for the full set.

Writing Update

As folks know, I just landed a two-book deal.  On top of this, I’ve got two short stories to write, and I’ve got my revision notes from my editor on Snow Queen’s Shadow.  So how is the writing going?  Here’s a peek into Jim’s brain…

STUPID STORY!  If you don’t stop screwing around and give me an actual plot, I’m going to punch you so hard your font goes sans serif!  I’ll set your clock back to pain o’clock!  Keep it up, and I’m carving roast plotbunny for Thanksgiving dinner.  That’s right, welcome to McAsskicking — would you like to supersize your order?

Thus endeth the writing update.

Here, have a LEGO Stitch to keep you busy. This is by Sir Nadroj. Click the pic for more.

Jim C. Hines